Zombie Paintball in North Carolina

North Carolina has been completely overrun by zombies and it's up to you to make sure that the walking dead return to their graves. Should you fail in your mission, the state's innocent residents will all have their brains munched on by the ruthless, brain-dead menace. You'll be heading out into open fields, claustrophobic basements, and a variety of other locations to find your prey. Your equipment? A state-of-the-art paintball firearm that will have you mowing down dozens of zombies in a single burst. If you're ready to reclaim North Carolina and save locals from an untimely death, then grab your paintball gun and head out!

Hollerin Haunts Hayride
Clinton, NC

Welcome to the online home of Hollerin Haunts Hayride; The place where "We will scare the YELL out of you". Hollerin Haunts Hayride is currently located at 2914 Bud Johnson Road in Clinton, North Caro... Read More


More than 53,000 square miles leaves a tremendous amount of area to explore in North Carolina. For those looking to enjoy the state's best haunted attractions, a bit of clever planning will be necessary in order to ensure that no haunts go unvisited this Halloween season. Utilize HauntedNorthCarolina.com's interactive map to find all of the best haunts from Charlotte to Wilmington.